The professional alternative to Teams/Zoom.

Webinar Pro is a managed production service that will help your business expand its reach, increasing engagement and viewers for your webinars and online events.


A professionally managed webinar service. Webinars are an essential tool for many businesses and have become necessary over the last few years. Many brands use video conferencing services like Zoom. Still, they cannot reach large numbers and ensure a private, secure connection for your business.

We take your presentations and videos and seamlessly incorporate them.

We provide you with the recorded webinar for on-demand upload.

Expand your reach to the thousands further than systems such as Zoom.

Professional tech checks for speakers and guests.

The Process.

Going Live’s Webinar Pro will help take your webinar and break through the noise of other companies to deliver content worth watching, completely customised for you.

1. Share your project details & book.

Outline your requirements and we'll give an quote on costs and the timeline.

2. Customise your stream aesthetics.

We'll work with you to bring your ideas to life. Have complete control.

3. Launch your new Webinar!

See increased views / engagement & growth in your conversion events or desired outcomes.


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It's time to go live.

Now you know the process, let's get to work creating something amazing!
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