Hire our professional studio.

Create and deliver your own professional audio-video webinars, interviews or general productions.


Shoot in our fully equipped studio, with the latest sound, video and lighting equipment. Whether you need to engage with your clients, run training sessions need the space to create original content, we can provide a professional and cost-effective solution.  

Production and streaming of live and interactive productions.

The ability to livestream or prerecord content 

Speak directly to camera using our autocue technology. 

Video recording on green screen for customisable and professional productions. 

Live Vision Mixing optional. 

Live Broadcasting.

With cutting-edge live streaming technology we can bring your event to the next level and expand your audience to a global market.

Filmed in high-definition format using a range of camera shots, the final product can be encoded to your preferred format for efficient streaming. You will be provided with all files both mixed and raw for your own post production use. 

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Our highly experienced studio team can offer you full technical support and will be on hand to assist throughout your production.

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Our fully equipped studio is based in central Leeds.

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Both hourly and daily rates available. Book aa time for rehearsal if required, or arrive and jump straight in. 
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