Co-op Uplift Festival

For Easter 2021. Mindfulness company Wellbetter collaborated with Supermarket Co-op to create Uplift festival. A virtual festival of events and workshops to help engage staff and boost mental health after a long few months of lockdowns and restrictions.     

Going Live was asked to collaborate and produce a private stream of our original production Cinderella Live, a virtual interactive pantomime.  

The event was customised and tailored to Co-op with preselected employees participating in our virtual audience. These employees and their families were able to speak to the actors during the performance. Employees not in the virtual audience were able to interact using our interactive buttons, which, when pressed, "Booed", "Cheered", and shouted, "it's behind you!". Live 'shoutouts' could be requested, which were read out by the cast members towards the show's end.    

The stream was accessible from home and fully captioned. With a secure and private connection and on-demand access, the show was a successful part of the 20221 Uplift festival, with a reach of 709,000 employees.

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