Aesthetica Festival  

November 2020 and April 2021, Going Live collaborated with Aesthetica Magazine to stream their online festivals. Both festivals combined scheduled talks with artists and filmmakers and indie films and animation showings. Viewers purchased tickets and then were granted access to the private, secure stream at any time throughout the festival to watch any chosen content.   

Going Live tailored the stream to Aesthetica's needs. Aesthetica opted to offer each of the 100+ panellists could sign up for a technical check with our team to ensure they were prepared for their panel. This allowed the streams to run smoothly during the festival.  

Going Live utilised three consecutive streams for their film festival to ensure that all aspects of what usually was a physical event were covered online.  

Aesthetica could use their graphics throughout the event allowing the stream to look consistent and professional.  

Post festival, all panels, talks and films were available on-demand allowing attendees to view what they missed or rewatch their favourite talk. With a final reach of 70,000 viewers, Aesthetica has now moved to host hybrid versions of its festivals consistently.

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